Off days and weeks and years and an impulse 50k

Most people have an off day, maybe an off week. But I think I’m having an off year. There’s that classic saying, old habits are hard to break, and it’s becoming apparent that it’s like, really true in my case. When I was in the habit of running, or at the very least working out every day, it was second nature. Rest days felt weird and annoying and I would go for a six mile walk just to fill my time. But when I got out of the habit, I got really out of the habit.

With a disgustingly little amount of anything resembling physical activity this summer, I somehow managed to crank out my first trail marathon (marking my 2nd this year, and 6th total) in a not too terrible time in my book. A couple weeks later, I ran a 5k, a 2 mile, and a 5 mile race in the span of 4 days because I decided speed was important? I magically placed 2nd in my age group in the marathon, the 2 mile, and the 5 mile races. I thought, okay, this’ll light a fire under my ass. It… did not do that.

Speaking of my ass. I’m still having these disengaged glute issues that originally cropped up halfway through Lakefront last year. They went away for awhile after that and then pain reared it’s ugly head shortly before the Oshkosh Marathon this spring. I’ve somehow managed to suffer through all the runs I have actually done this year, but it hasn’t been easy. But it also isn’t going away, so…

So. After the trail marathon, I was like – that wasn’t so bad! I should sign up for a 50k before my 50 mile race that for some reason I still think will be okay even though I haven’t run more than 12 miles at once all summer not including the marathon situation. So I did just that. And well, it’s Saturday and I really don’t want to do it. It’s supposed to storm and be generally awful out and that’s not helping anything at all. I’m horrifically unprepared on literally every and I am pretty sure I’ll get lost and there are loops and it’s confusing and UGH. I had some serious contemplation about not going. I didn’t really tell very many people about signing up at all because pressure can be suffocating.

But I digress. I’ve never not gone to a race I’ve signed up for (except for that one time I forgot I signed up for a 5k and then signed up for a marathon the same day so I forced my sister to run it for me), so I’ll be there in the morning. As to what happens after the gun goes off, damn, I really don’t know what to expect.


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