Let’s talk about stress, baby… [Natural Calm review]

Let’s talk about you and me.

Or you and magnesium. Either way.

Back in the day (i.e. a year ago), I was really in the groove of training. I would run in the morning (no less than 6 miles, ever) and lift in the evening. It felt good, but if you know me at all, you know how easily I get injured and over-trained. So it didn’t take long for this schedule to start taking its toll on my body, and I started to feel super stressed. I did a little bit of research on the matter (read: Google), and it all led to Natural Calm – a natural magnesium supplement.

It touted all sorts of benefits, but I’m always willing to give basically anything (natural) a shot, which has led me down some interesting paths, but that’s another post. The short of it is that it aids in muscle relaxation, which appealed to me for obvious reasons. But it also purported to help with headaches (I suffer from them almost daily), sleep, and, uhh, being backed up, if you catch my drift.

I opted for the unflavored version (because I don’t typically eat anything sweetened by anything other than maple syrup or honey, and the flavored options have stevia) and I really liked it right away. This obviously isn’t the intended effect, but to activate the magnesium, it fizzes. I don’t drink soda (but have recently acquired an addiction to orange La Croix), so I kind of enjoy the “taste” that this gives my water. You can take it in the morning, or at night, and I basically just take it whenever I remember. Sometimes I forget, and after a few weeks of feeling crappy, I notice and start taking it again.

So it’s been a year(ish) since I’ve started taking it, and I’ve been on and off consistent with it, but can definitely tell when I’m off. Also I have this weird thing with routine, and I *really* like having a routine, which includes drinking my magnesium in the mornings on the way to work. It may make me a little crazy, but I thoroughly enjoy the repetition of it. But, I digress. Basically, I really like it. I literally always have it in my cart on LuckyVitamin.com (where I’ve found the best deal on it, here). They also have discounts on the brand a lot so definitely check the special promotions page while you’re at it (because even when Natural Calm isn’t on sale, there’s always a million other things I want that are).

All in all, I think if you’re feeling stressed – mentally or physically – you’ll find relief with Natural Calm. I’ll just be over here drinking way more than the serving size suggests (like I do with everything because moderation is not a thing with me I guess. Maybe this explains my stress, ha!).


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