Well it’s your birthday… {Birthday Wishlists + Skirt Sports Giveaway!}

Well, it’s MY birthday at least. Well. Actually, Friday was. But for the purposes of today’s post let’s just pretend, okay? Go with the flow, and all that.

I celebrated my birthday in true Rani fashion… with a run. Well. And chocolate brownies. Vegan, obvs.

But anyways, if you’re anything like me, you make birthday lists. And if you’re REALLY like me, your entire list revolves around running. Some say obsessed, I say… well. Yeah, I guess I’m obsessed.

So if your birthday is coming up (lucky you!!) or you’re just getting a jump-start on your Christmas list (actually… I guess at this point it isn’t really even a jump-start. Where did this year go!?), here’s a little peak into my wishlist:

Mizuno Wave Riders

wave rider

I mean, I’m obsessed. I have 3 pairs of Wave Rider 18’s, which are easily my favorite shoe forever and ever amen. I’m interested in trying the 19’s, mainly because of this patriotic colorway, if we’re being honest. I’m also interested in stock piling the 18’s once the price drops, if we’re REALLY being honest. You know, just in case I don’t like the upgrades.

Momentum Motivate Wrap


You had to know there would be bracelets on this list, right? Right?! And just keeping it real, I already have 3 of these. But, as a wise woman once said (okay fine, it was me, I said it), you can NEVER. EVER. have too many bracelets. Never. #allthebraceletsallthetime

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves


Just look at them. LOOK AT THEM. I need. But seriously, I live in compression. Sometimes (most of the time) I wear dresses and boots to work so I can sneak some compression sock time in. And calf sleeves for ALL OF THE RACING. Sorry, I just get really excited sometimes about… socks? Running turned me into a weird, weird person.

Skirt Sports Jette Skirt

*inserts Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode here* For real though. I want all the colors and prints x 100. Pockets x 3. (I’m obsessed with pockets. The more the better.) I have been eyeing the Dream print ever since it got released. I would be eyeing the Tantrum print (BECAUSE LOOK. LOOK AT IT.) but naturally I got it, um, pretty much immediately. I like all things skirty, but I especially love the pleats on the Jette. Looks so swishy and pretty when you’re running.

See aforementioned action swishy/pleats here:


And because I want you all to experience the joy of the swishy pleats, and to celebrate my birthday, I’m giving away one Jette skirt to a lucky one of you! To enter: leave a comment below on what is #1 on your running wishlist! If you just can’t wait, you can always use the code SSCBR20 for 20% off at Skirt Sports!

Edit: The lucky winner has been selected and contacted. Don’t forget to use SSCBR20 if you’re having giveaway FOMO 😉

Giveaway runs through November 9th. One winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email. This giveaway is part of a series of giveaways presented by the Skirt Sports Ambassador Captains. If you have won another giveaway in the series, you are not eligible to win again. 


6 thoughts on “Well it’s your birthday… {Birthday Wishlists + Skirt Sports Giveaway!}

  1. My first wish is for assets with y busted knee, but since I know that will come in time, I’d like a new Garmin so I can track my Rosa’s distance when I start to recover! Love Skirt Sports!!


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