Viewsport Review + Giveaway!

I may have (I do have) more workout clothes than real clothes. I can’t stop myself. I’m especially a sucker for anything different and clever, and that stands out from the other typical boring stuff. So naturally, Viewsport athletic apparel piqued my interest.

The concept is like, really cool. It uses sweat activated technology (who knew that was a thing?!) to make your workout way more interesting. Basically, once you start sweating, certain graphics will appear on the clothing. I really don’t understand how it works. I assume magic. What shows up depends on which item – and there are a TON of fun options. Like, I keep looking at the website and having to remind myself I REALLY don’t need more clothes.

So I put the Do It tank to the test. When you sweat – it adds the letters to make it read Don’t Quit – which I love love love. The back has work hard printed all over the back too. I wore it to run at the gym and had a bunch of random people ask about it. Anything that gives me an excuse to talk about fitness to other people is okay in my book.





My other favorite is the Run More Than Your Mouth (shocker) shirt – which has “work hard” show up all over the back once you activate that baby with your sweat.

My only problem with them is that they’re really cute and I want to wear them NOT working out too. And let’s be real, I just don’t do my laundry enough for that.


Enter to win your own Run More Than Your Mouth shirt by leaving a comment below telling us how YOU #sweatproud. Bonus points for each of the following: Follow @couldberunning & @viewsport on Twitter and Instagram (let me know in the comments if you do any of the above!) Winner will be chosen at random on 5/21/15 and will be contacted by Viewsport for your contact information.


4 thoughts on “Viewsport Review + Giveaway!

  1. I #sweatproud by taking lots of post-workout selfies 🙂 I’m always ready to share my best workout moments!

    And FYI I followed you and Viewsport on both Instagram and Twitter! (I’m @runawaywithkk)


  2. I #sweatproud by not just working towards my original #run103 mission (in honor of my grandpa, who passed at 103) but by maintaining relentless forward motion no matter what. Pregnancy has proved, er, interesting, shall we say, but I embrace every day that I am able to get up and get at it, no matter how slowly it may seem. (I already follow you on both Twitter and IG, but did make sure to follow ViewSPORT on both as well.)


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