If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m all about the hashtags. Using them brought me to the fitness/running community online and to people that I now consider good (and some of my best) friends (my parents never told me to stay away from people on the internet, clearly). It’s a little bit insane the power a hashtag can have, when I actually think about it.

So naturally, when Skirt Sports launched its #REALwomenmove campaign, I was all over it. Real Women Move is about empowering women of all ages/shapes/sizes/etc. to get up and get moving. And given the fact that since I started running I’ve lost 25 pounds, and subsequently gained 20 of them back, the concept especially resonates with me. I absolutely refuse to let a minor bump in the road like a few (okay, maybe more than a few) extra pounds keep me from continuing to do what I love. In the past, this is where I’d quit. I’d chalk it up to a failure and give up. Not this time. This time I know that I love running for reasons outside of physical appearances. Occasionally, I’m actually moderately good at it.

And besides the fact that the #REALwomenmove hashtag is empowering all on its own, Skirt Sports is going above and beyond and is giving away Get Started scholarships for every 5,000 hashtags used. The scholarship includes a TON of awesomeness – bra, top, bottom, hat, socks, and a free race entry to your first 5k. You can submit your story for consideration or nominate a friend who exemplifies the Real Women Move traits.

Seriously, I wish I had known about Skirt Sports when I first started running. Their commitment to uplifting and connecting women from all over is just insanely incredible. The community is so encouraging and positive and the Real Women Move campaign is just another example of that. So hashtag away, so I can encourage you, too!

So what does #REALwomenmove mean to you?


One thought on “#REALwomenmove

  1. Getting over physical appearance is definitely a big one for women. I know that we all are more critical of ourselves than we should be. That is something I work on so much. This campaign is going to do amazing things for women, I hope many of them embrace it. We need more positivity out there.
    Nice to be a fellow Skirt Sister with you! 🙂


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