And Then There Were Three

I… I did a thing. A potentially stupid thing (honestly, what else is new?). A bit of a backstory: I planned out towards the tail end of 2014 that I wanted to do two marathons in 2015 – one in spring, and one in fall. It seemed like enough time to train/race/recover between the two. That was the easy part – I agonized over which two to do. Yes, agonized, because apparently I have nothing better to worry about than running related things, but I mean, come on, it’s a big decision. Bryan probably wanted to kick me out of the apartment given all the times I asked his opinion about it.

I eventually decided on the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon for the spring. Fall was the real issue, with a new kid on the block, the Milwaukee Running Festival marathon in November. I felt like I really wanted to support that. But, I also really wanted to run Lakefront again because I had such a good time last year. Eventually, after a long internal (and external – sorry Bryan!) debate, I decided to register for Lakefront. AND THEN.

Enter: The Fleet Feet Brew City Marathon challenge (hello, longest name ever). Basically, it’s one of those, run 2 races, get another medal type of deals. I’m honestly a sucker for anything billed as a “challenge”. Not to mention that other medal business… But I was like, yeah, no, I can’t run two marathons in less than a month (Lakefront is October 4, Milwaukee Running Fest Marathon is November 1). Seriously, I still don’t even think I can run ONE marathon without dying half the time. So I put that thought out of my head, and that was that.

Or so I thought. The other day, I was talking with a coworker/fellow marathoner who had just run the Tobacco Road Marathon. We were talking about our race plans fort he rest of the year (him putting in for Chicago again, me running Lakefront) and I mentioned how I had a hard time deciding between my two fall marathon options. I mentioned the shiny new challenge deal, saying something along the lines of, but I can’t do it. His response was something to the extent of “Why can’t you? You’ll already be trained for a marathon anyways.”

And in my brain, all I need is for literally one person to tell me I should or can do something I want to do anyways, even if every other person has told me it’s a bad idea, even if I KNOW it’s a bad idea. And then I’ll end up doing it. So, that’s how I ended up registering for three marathons this year instead of my carefully planned out two. Here’s to not dying…



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