That Lil Marathon Thing…

55 measly days separate me and marathon numero dos. If you paid attention to all my rambling last summer/fall you already know that I basically was injured and subsequently didn’t train for marathon numero uno. And things turned out considerably more than fine. That’s kind of how my life seems to go more often than not – the things I feel prepared and excited for fall apart and the things I feel woefully unprepared and afraid of tend to work out the best.

I’ve also never followed a training plan for… anything. I’ve run 11 half marathons on just… essentially winging it. I’m not advising you to do this, it’s just kind of how I roll. I typically would just do whatever I want, and I’ve been really lucky in that it’s always (more or less) worked out. Honestly, the few times I did try to follow some semblance of a plan, I ended up getting hurt. I would stress over doing the prescribed workouts on the prescribed days, and run when I shouldn’t have, not run when I should… well you get the point.

So now that I’ve managed to be injury free since October (a long time by my pathetic standards), I couldn’t exactly completely avoid somewhat training for this race. In the offseason I had been running about 6-7 (sometimes more, based off how bored I was or if I had anything else going on to be home and somewhat presentable for) miles 4 days a week, and 10-11ish on weekends. This was fine and dandy, but as the self proclaimed Queen or Overuse Injuries (I should really have a crown), I knew that I should probably cut down my running days to 4 a week total. The thought of it made me sad, because I really just love running. Now that I’ve done it, I can’t imagine going back to 5 days a week. I think this is a result of starting to add 1-2 days of cardio crosstraining, and 2-3 days of lifting (WHAT?! I know. I don’t know who I am anymore either. Especially because I kind of like it.) to my training schedule per week. My body just wouldn’t be able to handle 5 days of running on top of that.

So then there was this whole issue of my weekly long runs – the staple of marathon training – what distances and when to do which, etc etc. When I started training for Lakefront last year, I had some guidance from my fantastically fast friend (alliteration FTW!) Shannon, who laid out her marathon long run schedule for me. So far, I’ve been going off that and things have been going scarily well. But I’ve always seemed to perform better completely undertrained thatn 1% overtrained, so I’m kind of freaking out at how relatively smoothly things have been going. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not secretly hoping for anything to go wrong with my training, I just get nervous. But I guess I’d be freaking out if something DID go wrong. AGH. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m always freaking out.

I obviously have an A goal and a B goal and a well-at-least-I-finished goal, but it even makes me nervous to say them out loud. Bryan asked me the other day what I was hoping for, and I honestly didn’t even want to tell him. I know that things could go perfect during training and the race could have all these outside circumstances that are impossible to prepare for, so that’s probably what scares me the most. Of course, none of that could happen… the variables are what kill me. What’s that old thing about worrying being like a rocking chair? I’m trying not to rock too much over the whole thing. Here’s hoping.


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