Walt Disney World Half Marathon Race Recap, aka ALL. THE. TEARS.

I’m currently in a deep state of Disney depression. This was my first time ever (!!!) at a Disney park and oh my god – can I just live there? (life goals!) So, Disney + Running = my 2 favorite things. Seriously. The only reason I was able to convince Bryan to go was basically, I signed up for the race and told him now we didn’t have a choice. His excitement was minimal (but he TOTALLY ended up loving Disney. How could you not?!)

We ended up getting into the area midday on Thursday, and Bryan was actually crazy sick the day before/that morning/that day. So he basically fell asleep the instant we got to the hotel, and I was way too excited to just sit around, so I headed to the expo while he napped. So much excite!! I picked up my bib and shirt, and didn’t really look at too many of the vendors (which was HARD! But I was saving my dinero for Disney related things… and the Lululemon outlet. Oops.) So I bought a RunDisney pin (why didn’t anyone warn me how addicting pin trading is?! I’m a sucker for collecting things) and I bought a RunDisney pullover thingy. Which a bird later pooped on. In front of Cinderella’s castle – super magical! And then I headed back to the hotel. By that time Bryan got his act together and we adventured to downtown Disney. All day Friday we spent the day at the parks.

So Saturday morning – I set my alarm for some time around 3:15ish (Bryan was NOT happy upon learning this) but I have this chronic fear of missing the start of a race, getting lost, not knowing where to go, etc etc, so I think maybe slept a combined 2 hours. Seriously. So I finally just got up, got dressed, got Bryan to the car, and we headed to Epcot!!

I don’t know why I thought that I wouldn’t be cold while I waited for the start – I guess I thought since it was like 60 degrees warmer than at home I would feel like I was in the tropics or something. Not the case. I didn’t take into account the fact that we had over an hour before the start to wait around in the dark. I had a tank top, t-shirt, skirt, and compression sleeves on for the race, with my Thermoball over it while we waited. Then I realized I would probably (duh?) want to take pictures during the race (I usually never carry my phone during races) and I had no pocket to put it in. I have a Galaxy S5, also known as the biggest phone EVER (not actually), so carrying it in my hand was 100% out of the question. I told Bryan if I had my credit card I would just buy the half marathon zipup in the merchandise tent because 1. long sleeves 2. pockets!! I think he was sick of me shivering and complaining, so he just ended up buying it for me.

While we were struggling to get through the throngs of people to pay, I finally found my insta-friend Rebecca (aka @no_becky)! I changed into my zipup and pinned my bib back on, had Bryan take some pictures of us, and we headed off to the gear check/corrals!


It was a longer walk to the corrals than I anticipated, and my watch was still a time-zone behind, so I didn’t realize how close to the start time it already was. I ended up having to run to my corral so I got there just in time for the fireworks to go off for Corral A. Luckily there wasn’t too much time in between each corral, so it wasn’t too long before C was moving up.


Strangely I don’t have too much to say about the actual race. I stopped to take a picture as we entered Magic Kingdom, and also stopped for a picture with Ralph and Vanellope (important). The only other times I stopped was to take a picture of the castle, and for a picture with Mickey and Goofy. So, it turns out I didn’t *really* need to bring my phone. Don’t tell Bryan I said that.


I must say, I didn’t expect how much of the race was on the highways/onramps. I hadn’t been paying too much attention to pace (because, hello, Disney who cares) buy once I was within the last 2 miles and saw I could go sub 1:50 (which I’ve only done once before), I kind of decided to just go for it. My official time was 1:49:something which 1. yay! 2. boo! because I realized I was less than 20 seconds off my PR – and if I hadn’t stopped for those pictures blah blah – you know how it goes. I do feel a little sad I didn’t do the Dopey or Goofy challenge, but I’m already trying to convince Bryan to go back – because yep, I cried a little when we were leaving. Immediately when I got to work the next day I was already on the RunDisney site – because, of course – I’m hooked. Basically, when can I go back?!