Mini TNF Thermoball Remix Review

So, if you know me at all, you know I am perpetually freezing. Numb appendages are the norm. Couple that with the facts that 1. I live in Wisconsin (where winter is basically 6 months of the year), and 2. I need to be outside and active or I go verifiably insane, so I take my cold weather gear VERY seriously.

[awkward selfie to attempt to
show thermoball awesome-ness]

Not gonna lie, when I first unpacked my Thermoball (it came folded up in a neat and tidy, approximately 5×6 inch little square, which I have never been able to replicate despite my pathetic attempts) I was skeptical. The thing is crazy thin and lightweight, and I thought – no way is this thing going to keep me remotely warm. How wrong I was… this thing is nuts. It keeps your core especially toasty, even if I get lazy and skimp on the base layers.

I think one of my favorite aspects is the sheer thinness of it. It isn’t even officially winter yet, and the thermometers here have already seen some disgusting lows. So the hugest benefit of this jacket for me is the ability to actually use it as a kind of pseudo-base layer. I’ll put this on under my other jacket and feel pretty much winter-invincible. I’ve been pretending it isn’t going to happen, but I know the weather here is only going to get worse, and I’m stoked to have this jacket in my arsenal to give me no excuse to stop getting out there. Trust me, you don’t want to deal with me when I’m stuck inside…

[I did receive this as a part of the TNF Locals Ambassador program, and this is my unpaid, honest review of the product!]



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