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So it’s pretty obvious that the secret is out *whispers* I love the treadmill. For many reasons – the most current issue being that the neighborhood I live in now is just not conducive to runners. Sidewalks line one side of the street and then abruptly switch to the other side, then just aren’t on any sides at all – it’s a disaster for anyone who wants to run more than a mile at a time (i.e. me). On top of the sidewalk debacle, the few times I did venture out for a run around the area, I got whistled at – so pleasant.

And I mean, come on, I live in Wisconsin. It gets COLD. And word on the street is that this winter is supposed to be even colder, and ever since that fateful run last year where I lost a mitten and nearly got frostbite (yes, seriously; and yes, I am an idiot), I’m just not as down to run outside that much lately. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE running outside, but I just don’t have the time to consistently drive out to a nicer neighborhood or a trail every day, especially now that it gets dark at like… 4 o’clock in the freaking afternoon. Not to mention I have totally been digging running at 5 in the morning before work lately, and the safety factor just isn’t there in such a big city that early in the morning in the pitch black.

So the question everyone’s been asking is – how do you not go legitimately insane? I typically run 6-7 miles each morning before work – which, for me, equates to an hourish – give or take some minutes depending on just how much of a turtle I am that day. That’s a (fairly) big chunk of time to fill and I like to use it to my full advantage.

My other secret is that I am truly a podcast junkie. I love that you can find a podcast about basically anything, and I have a weirdly diverse set of interests so this totally appeals to me. I love that I can listen to something other than music (which gets boring to me, after awhile) without having to watch something on my tiny phone screen at the same time. My original dilemma with this was that I have a Galaxy S5, and for some idiotic reason, I never thought to figure out a way to listen to them on it. For the longest time I took this huge detour and would download the podcasts on my laptop, and then sync them to a massive old brick of an iPod. This was unwieldy for a great many reasons, I had to bring my phone into the gym with me anyways, so I was carrying 2 bricks whenever I wanted to listen to a podcast while I ran.

Now enter: PODCAST ADDICT! It’s a podcast aggregation app that is my own little podcast hub. You subscribe to all your regular podcasts and go in and sync the app and all the magical new episodes appear! Then you can download whichever episodes you want so you don’t have to stream them (helpful for me because I have very limited data on my phone and already go way over anyways, and also there is no reliable service in my cinder block gym building). So basically: amazing, if you’re a huge nerd like me.


^^ My Podcast Addict homepage

Below are some of my favorite podcasts/what they’re about/what I like about them. If you have any suggestions for me, please share! There are never enough new episodes updating as fast as I run so I’m always on the hunt for a new favorite.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich has a huge variety of guests on the show, from spiritual leaders, athletes, nutritionists – you name it. This is actually the podcast that got me into podcasts. I read Rich’s book Finding Ultra (definitely pick it up if you haven’t yet) and in the interest of seeing what he was up to now – found the show.

Favorite episodes:
#78 – Timothy Olson
#68 – Matt Ruscigno
#47 – Joe Cross


Definitely my current favorite. Produced by the same people as This American Life (another favorite, but I feel like this is a pretty popular one so I won’t elaborate), Serial follows the story of the host, Sarah Koenig, as she looks into the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was convicted of the crime and to this day maintains that he’s innocent. You follow along as she digs through all the evidence and interviews whoever she can get a hold of who was involved in the case. Seriously – it is addicting. When I opened the app to write this post and it refreshed with a new episode I had to listen to it IMMEDIATELY.

Ultra Runner Podcast

I can’t remember the specifics of how and when I stumbled on URP but I”m pretty sure it was through some Facebook link, and I know it was sometime at the very beginning of the summer. Since then I think I’ve listened to every episode, and most of the back episodes I had missed before I subscribed. Basically – it’s just interviews with pretty much every great runner in the ultrarunning sport. My interest in this probably doesn’t need to be explained – I love trail running and plan on working my way towards these longer distances as time goes on.

Favorite guests:

Hal Koerner
Dakota Jones
Rory Bosio

99 Percent Invisible

This one is fairly new in my podcast arsenal so I haven’t formed too many opinions on it yet – but it’s about a “tiny radio show about design” – which appeals to me because I’m a graphic designer. So far, it seems right up my alley. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it definitely puts a little sugar in mine.

Favorite episodes:

I Heart NY, TM
Masters of the Uni-verse

*Sidenote – Podcast Addict definitely didn’t pay me to obsess over this app, though I wish it did.


3 thoughts on “Podcast Addict

  1. Love your blog! I can relate, being your neighbor to the west in MN, I could run for HOURS on the treadmill listening to podcasts. According to the image in your post, we have the same taste in pods. Very nice! An hour could go by and when the treadmill stops I am like, what just happened and what did I do? Those podcasts put me in a trance.


  2. Love your blog! As your neighbor to the west in MN, I can relate to the cold temps. I am a fan of the treadmill in the winter too. I am also a complete podcast junkie, and judging by your image of Podcast Addict homepage, we have similar tastes! I can be on the treadmill for an hour, and when the machine shuts down automatically at 60 minutes, I’m like, uh, what just happened, did I just run for an hour? Podcasts pass time like no other!


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